Massive Microsoft Docs Leak Reveals Digital Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S Refresh, and New Controller Details

Massive Microsoft Docs Leak Reveals Digital Xbox Series X

Plans for the Digital Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S Refresh, and Enhanced Controller are Revealed by a Widespread Microsoft Document Leak

Highlights include: – Microsoft internal documents and emails continue to leak, disclosing private information before schedule.

  • Microsoft’s intentions for an all digital Xbox Series X, an improved Xbox Series S, and a new Xbox controller update are revealed by the leak.

Internal Microsoft documents and emails have once more surfaced in the media, exposing information that the corporation hadn’t intended to publish at this time. We previously covered Microsoft’s plans for PC gaming streaming. New documents that reveal their intentions for an all-digital Xbox Series X, an updated Xbox Series S, and an improved Xbox controller for the next year have now surfaced.

New Xbox Series S and X models are anticipated in 2024. According to private documents obtained by The Verge, Microsoft is actively developing a mid-cycle refresh for both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles.

  • Similar to Sony’s PlayStation 5 Digital edition, the upcoming Xbox Series X, code-named “Brooklin,” will only allow digital content and will not support physical discs.
  • The Brooklin boasts a remarkable 2TB of storage space, which is double the existing capacity, and stands out from the other Xbox Series X models thanks to its unusual cylindrical form. A front-facing USB
  • Type-C port for power delivery is also included.
    We’ll get into the upgraded controller that will be included with the console in a moment.
  • The Brooklin is made to provide a 4K Gen9 gaming experience while using less energy. It has WiFi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2 connection and uses 15% less PSU power, according to estimates. Microsoft plans to sell it for $499, the same as the current launch price, with a November 2024 official release date.
  • The more affordable Xbox Series S, code-named “Ellewood,” is also scheduled to receive an update the following year. It will feature WiFi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2 support, lower power consumption, the new controller, and 1TB of storage space. Ellewood is scheduled to debut in September 2024 and will maintain its $299 initial price.
  • In order to engage various audiences and increase the value of both releases, Microsoft intends to space the debuts of the two consoles apart by 60 days, according to the documents that have leaked online. The current Xbox Series S console will also be made available for a reduced price of $199 during the Black Friday sale before being discontinued.

Massive Microsoft Docs Leak Reveals Digital Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S

Plans for the release of the new Xbox controller – The Xbox team at Microsoft is also working on a brand-new gamepad for the Xbox, code-named “Sebile,” which has a number of intriguing capabilities.

  1. The “lift to wake” feature offered by the Sebile controller will do away with the requirement for manual activation. Additionally, it will have replaceable and rechargeable batteries, something Xbox fans would appreciate. The controller is made with a focus on sustainability, using less resin and recyclable components.
  2. The controller will feature new modular thumbsticks that are built to last longer. Direct-to-Cloud, Xbox Wireless 2, and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity will all be supported.
  3. Users will be able to browse and manage linked devices with ease thanks to improved app functionality.
  4. Highlights of the immersion features include quieter buttons and thumbsticks, an accelerometer, precision haptic feedback, VCA haptics that double as speakers, and precision haptic feedback.
  5. The $69.99 Sebile controller is scheduled to go on sale in June 2024.
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