Papam Pasivadu OTT Release Confirmed: Aha Video to Start Streaming the Series From September 29

Papam Pasivadu OTT Release Confirmed

The upcoming rom-com series “Papam Pasivadu” from Aha Video will be released on streaming services on September 29.


  • Aha Video is getting ready to entertain Telugu OTT viewers with another jovial rom-com series, “Papam Pasivadu.”
  • The series stars singer Sreeram Chandra in the title character and Sri Vidya Maharshi in supporting roles.
  • Lalith Kumar is the show’s director.

Aha Video, well-known for its compelling Telugu OTT content like “Anya’s Tutorial” and “Agent Anand Santosh,” has returned with yet another engrossing series titled “Papam Pasivadu,” which prominently features singer Sreeram Chandra. The series’ title and director, Lalith Kumar, had already been revealed by Aha, but the show’s release date remained a mystery because it was still in production. The release date has now been made public by the creators, though. On September 29, “Papam Pasivadu” will make its Aha Video debut.

When and where to view “Papam Pasivadu” are as follows: On September 29, the show will premiere, and viewers can watch it by joining Aha Video or upgrading their subscription.

“Papam Pasivadu”‘s official trailer and plot are as follows: The recent teaser hints that “Papam Pasivadu” would be an urbanized rom-com web series with a light-hearted tone, as suggested by the earlier title poster, even though the writers have kept the plot a secret.

  • In a joint effort with The Weekend Show, Aha Video delivers a narrative in which the Sreeram Chandra-played protagonist’s baffling life descends into turmoil as three ladies compete for his attention.
  • Sri Vidya Maharshi, Raasi Singh, and Gayathri Chaganti all make noteworthy appearances in the series, which examines the turbulent life of Sreeram Chandra.
  • Lalith Kumar is in charge of directing, and Akhilesh Vardhan is in charge of producing. Gokul Bharathi is in charge of the camera, and Jose Jimmy is in charge of the music.

Response to “Papam Pasivadu”:

Two weeks ago, Aha Video unveiled a preview for the show, grabbing the attention of 625,946 viewers and inspiring a great deal of excitement.

  • For more updates, keep an eye on this space.
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