WhatsApp for iPad is Finally Coming, Beta Version Available on TestFlight App

WhatsApp for iPad is Finally Coming

A beta version of WhatsApp for iPad is currently accessible via the TestFlight app.

Highlights include: – After a protracted wait, WhatsApp is now accessible on the iPad. TestFlight now features the beta version of WhatsApp for iPad. Users of WhatsApp may now access the service on their iPads without having to have their iPhones connected to the internet thanks to this update.

Finally bringing WhatsApp to the iPad, this is a big milestone for iPad users who have been waiting impatiently for a native app. Users had been unable to access WhatsApp on iPads until recently; however, they could previously do so by using the browser version. The tide has changed, as the most recent version of WhatsApp Beta on TestFlight now supports the iPad. According to WABetaInfo, users who want to use the new iPad version of WhatsApp must be enrolled in the WhatsApp Beta for iOS program. Following the recent introduction of native WhatsApp for Mac, which enables Apple users to use the same WhatsApp account across different devices, this development. Let’s explore the new features that the beta version of WhatsApp for iPad has to offer.

iPad native WhatsApp: A Sneak Peek at What’s Coming – An image of the native WhatsApp for iPad UI has been posted by the well-known WhatsApp beta tracking website WABetaInfo. The screenshot shows that WhatsApp for iPad utilizes the same split-screen interface as the Mac software to fully utilize the large screen real estate on the tablet. The live chat is shown on the left, and the main screen, which has top and bottom toolbars, is located on the right. Users who are accustomed to the WhatsApp for Mac software will feel at ease.

Native WhatsApp for iPad Will Roll Out Soon

According to WABetaInfo, installing WhatsApp on an iPad requires that WhatsApp for Beta be installed on both an iPhone and an iPad. Once this need is met, users can use WhatsApp on their iPad to create a QR code. After that, the iPhone user scans this QR code by going to WhatsApp Settings > Linked devices

> Link a device. Once connected, users can use WhatsApp on the iPad on their own without needing an iPhone to access the internet.

Additionally, WhatsApp for iPad makes use of a buddy mode to link with iOS or Android cellphones. Users can carry on their WhatsApp talks on the iPad even if the associated phone shuts down. The program maintains end-to-end encryption to protect user privacy while synchronizing all WhatsApp chats across connected devices.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that, similar to WhatsApp for Mac, the iPad version currently has some functional restrictions. Users are unable to submit status updates or provide live locations using an iPad, for instance. However, since the app is still in beta, it is reasonable to assume that the messaging platform, which is owned by Meta, will add more features, improvements, and problem fixes in the stable edition.

Although the official launch date for WhatsApp for iPad has not been announced, it is likely to happen in the near future.

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