New State Mobile September Update Released With New Ranked Match, MP9 Weapon and More

New State Mobile September Update Released

Update for September from New State Mobile includes ranked matches, the MP9 weapon, and more.

On September 21, the renowned South Korean game company Krafton released the eagerly awaited New State Mobile September update (v0.9.53). This update includes a ton of new features and updates, such as a brand-new Ranked match, the MP9 gun, and several firearm improvements.

New Weapon MP9

Since New State Mobile has been accessible for almost two years, the development team is eager to hear from the community in order to further expand and enhance the gaming experience. In addition to releasing patch notes, Krafton also published a developer letter outlining modifications made in response to feedback from the entire community.

A closer look at what the most recent New State Mobile upgrade has to offer is provided below:

Patch Notes for the New State Mobile September Update (version 0.9.53)

Competitive DeathMatch Mode

Players may test their talents while gaining rank points based on how well they do with this thrilling new element, which is included in the Deathmatch mode. Defending locations can net higher-ranked players additional rank points. The average rank score for each team is shown on the loading screen.

On particular maps throughout the week, there will be ranked deathmatch events where players can compete for prestige coins and unique awards, such as titles, based on their rank points at the end of the season.


  • Daily map changes will be made for ranked matches.
  • Dead Rock RDM: 3 Teams, Underbridge RDM on Monday and Wednesday.
  • Tuesday and Thursday: Station TDM, Arena RDM
  • Dead Rock RDM: 3 Teams, Arena RDM: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

MP9: A New Weapon

A brand-new SMG weapon called the MP9 is now available and can be discovered on all maps and in combat. It has a pre-attached suppressor that helps to reduce recoil and produces a fast muzzle velocity. Scopes, magazines, and stocks are a few additions that players can use to increase the weapon’s capabilities. The dedicated stock, C1 Customization, slows down aiming while increasing vertical and horizontal recoil.

Dedicated Extended Mag for Tommy Gun with C2 Customization

Players can now attach a unique extended magazine to the Tommy Gun as a C2 customization. This improvement improves reload speed while increasing magazine capacity from 30 to 75 shots. Recoil control and magazine slot space will both be reduced, though.

Rebalance your arsenal

The following changes stem from the development team’s rebalancing of the game’s numerous weaponry in response to player feedback:

  • L85A3: Slight damage boost; MP155 Ultima fire rate lowered by 40% due to C1 Customization
  • VSS: Improved damage, 9% muzzle velocity increase
  • SL8: A 4% increase in both horizontal and vertical recoil
  • UMP45: Slight damage reduction, 3% fire rate increase, and MP5K: Slight damage increase
  • Out-of-Game Updates

After a game, players can now report unsportsmanlike conduct by other players. Simply tap the Report button on the screen for the profile or career result to accomplish this. Players can now report other players for using inappropriate player nicknames using a new feature in the report menu.

A Summary of the New State Development Letter for September 2023

The development team at Krafton is continuously trying to port popular PUBG PC products to New State Mobile. The MP9 has been released with the September update, and Krafton has stated that the AR firearm FAMAS, the DMR firearm Dragunov, and the throwable “Blue Zone Grenade” will all be included in subsequent releases. There may also be opportunities for customizing these vintage PUBG PC things according to the New State.

New State Mobile September Update

The matchmaking environment is currently where the development team’s main attention is directed. They are making a concerted effort to fix matching pool selection problems. After the issue is fixed, they intend to bring well-known PUBG PC maps like Vikendi, Erangel, and Sanhok to New State Mobile.

There will be a one-time only reappearance of the severe mode. Due to decreased player participation, Akinta Bounty Royale will no longer be available in the game. A fresh BR map and new BR mode being worked on by the team promise a wide-ranging and creative gameplay experience. The November update will include further information.

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