Nothing Teases New Product Launch, Possibly Hinting at Nothing Ear (3) Earbuds

Nothing teases new product launch

Nothing Teases New Product Launch, Highlights:

  • The next Nothing Community Update is scheduled for April 18th.
  • The company is anticipated to unveil the Ear (3) TWS earbuds during the event.
  • The product codename for Nothing Ear (3) could be ‘Cleffa.’

Nothing is hinting at a new product launch, possibly the Nothing Ear (3) earbuds. The brand recently teased about their upcoming event scheduled for April 18th, 2024. Following the release of the Nothing Phone (2) and Nothing Phone (2a), fans are eager for what’s next. Though the brand hasn’t revealed specifics, speculation is rife that it could be the Ear (3) earbuds or even the Nothing Phone (3). Stay tuned for updates!

Is Nothing launching its next product soon?

Nothing has shared teasers hinting at their upcoming product launch on April 18th, 2024. The teaser images feature a beetle and a frog, possibly indicating the arrival of the Nothing Ear (3). Previously, Nothing used a beetle to promote the Ear (2). Additionally, a teaser with emojis representing various Nothing products, including Ear (1), Phone (1), Ear Stick, Ear (2), Phone (2), and Phone (2a), ends with a question mark and a frog emoji. The product codename “Cleffa” is associated with the frog, as revealed by Nothing’s Community Manager, Rob Godwin, who mentioned it alongside other Pokémon codenames used for Nothing products.

Is Nothing launching its next product soon

According to a mysterious post by tipster Arsene Lupin, Nothing might unveil the Nothing Ear (3) along with a new (a) product. Details about the latter are scarce, but it could be a more affordable version of an existing product, similar to the Nothing Phone (2a).

Nothing launching

Since the release of the Nothing Phone (2) in July and the Phone (2a) last month, it’s unlikely we’ll see a new Nothing smartphone at the upcoming Community event later this month.

Nothing Ear (3) features (expected)

The new Nothing Ear (3) is expected to keep a similar stem-like design like the previous Ear (2) and Ear (1) models. With these being new, we can anticipate improved audio drivers and longer battery life. They’ve also been certified by the BIS website, hinting at a possible launch in India too.

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