Apple Discontinues the iPhone 13 mini as it Stops the Production

Compact iPhone, Grab the iPhone 13 mini Quickly

Apple Discontinues iPhone 13 mini Production Due to Weak Demand

Apple recently unveiled its iPhone 15 Series, which introduced the shift from the lightning port to the modern USB Type-C port. In light of this, Apple has decided to cease production of the iPhone 14 Pro models to avoid product conflicts with its latest releases. Interestingly, reports suggest that Apple is also discontinuing the iPhone 13 mini, marking the end of this unique iPhone variant.

The iPhone 13 mini made its debut in 2021 as a successor to the iPhone 12 mini. However, due to its lackluster demand and poor sales performance, Apple chose not to continue the mini trend with the iPhone 14. It’s worth noting that the iPhone 13 mini currently stands as the sole compact Apple device featuring Face ID support.

The Discontinuation of the iPhone 13 mini

Typically, when Apple launches new iPhone models, it ceases the production of the previous year’s Pro model iPhones. However, reports indicate that Apple is now also halting the production of the iPhone 13 mini.

iPhone 13 mini as it Stops the Production

Currently, consumers seeking a compact iPhone have two options: the iPhone 13 mini and the third-generation iPhone SE. In a direct comparison, the iPhone 13 mini outshines the iPhone SE 3 with a 25% larger battery, Face ID support, and dual rear cameras—all while sharing the same A15 Bionic chipset.

Moreover, the iPhone 13 mini offers a larger display within a smaller form factor compared to the iPhone SE 3. Thus, the primary reason for the iPhone SE 3’s existence was its budget-friendly pricing, aimed at attracting midrange smartphone users to the Apple ecosystem and eventually enticing them with premium offerings.

However, with the discontinuation of the iPhone 13 mini, the iPhone SE 3 remains the sole compact iPhone with a screen size under 6 inches. Consequently, the compromises with the iPhone SE 3—chiefly, its subpar battery life and slow fingerprint scanner—make it a challenging choice as a daily driver.

Act Fast: iPhone 13 mini Availability Limited

As production of the iPhone 13 mini comes to a halt, the device will gradually disappear from store shelves. Apple plans to continue selling existing stocks of the iPhone 13 mini through its online and offline partner stores. Therefore, if you desire a compact iPhone, it’s advisable to act swiftly and secure the iPhone 13 mini before supplies run out.

Apple is expected to unveil the fourth-generation iPhone SE in 2024. The changes introduced with the iPhone 15 Series, particularly the transition to the USB Type-C port and the dynamic island design on the base model, indicate Apple’s readiness to move beyond the legacy of its older devices. Consequently, there’s a possibility that Apple may relaunch the iPhone SE 4 as a spiritual successor to the iPhone 13 mini in the future.

Until that potential reimagining takes place, consumers seeking a compact iPhone will face a trade-off. They can either opt for the iPhone SE 3, dealing with its subpar battery life and dated fingerprint scanner, or settle for a slightly larger-screen device with the iPhone 13 or iPhone 14. In both scenarios, customers will need to prioritize what matters most to them—compact size or modern features.

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