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OnePlus and Realme: Exiting the Indian Smart TV Market – What You Need to Know


In a recent turn of events, reports from 91mobiles have surfaced, suggesting that OnePlus and Realme might be bidding adieu to the smart TV category in India. This decision comes amidst speculation and a noticeable absence of new TV models from OnePlus last year. The implications of this move are significant, considering OnePlus’ initial foray into the consumer electronics market in India.

OnePlus TV and Monitor Categories Removed

Lack of New Product Launches

OnePlus initially entered the Indian smart TV market in 2019 with the OnePlus TV Q1 series. Despite the initial success and subsequent launches of affordable and mid-range smart TVs, the brand did not introduce any new models last year, raising concerns about its commitment to the segment. Also Check: Realme GT Neo 6 SE: Officially Confirmed with Qualcomm Snapdragon 7+ Gen 3 SoC

Removal from Official Website

The absence of new launches was further underscored by the removal of the OnePlus TV and Monitor categories from the official OnePlus India website. Visitors to the microsite are now greeted with a 404 error, signaling a potential discontinuation of these product lines. Also Check: POCO C61 Spotted on Bluetooth SIG and BIS Websites; Possible Redmi A3 Rebranding

Potential Implications

Uncertainty for Consumers

With OnePlus’ silence on the matter and the removal of product categories, consumers are left in a state of uncertainty regarding the future availability and support for existing products. Also Check: Infinix Smart 8 Plus Debuts in India with 90Hz Display and 50MP AI Camera: Price and Features Revealed

Competitive Landscape

The exit of OnePlus and Realme from the smart TV market could reshape the competitive landscape, potentially leaving more room for established players or new entrants to capture market share.

Lack of Official Statement

Absence of Clarity

Despite the significant developments, OnePlus is yet to provide an official statement regarding its exit from the TV and Monitor segments. This lack of clarity adds to the confusion surrounding the brand’s future in the consumer electronics market. Also Check: ASUS VivoWatch 6 Spotted on Bluetooth SIG Website, Suggesting an Imminent Launch

Speculations and Analysis

Industry analysts speculate that OnePlus’ decision may stem from dissatisfaction with the performance of its TV and Monitor products in the Indian market. Similar exits by smartphone brands like Xiaomi and Realme from other consumer electronics categories further support this narrative. Also Check: Samsung Unveils Plans for Mid-July Unpacked Event: Galaxy Z Flip 6, Fold 6, and Galaxy Ring in Spotlight, Reports Suggest


In conclusion, OnePlus and Realme’s potential exit from the Indian smart TV market marks a significant development in the consumer electronics landscape. The removal of product categories from the official website and lack of official statements indicate a strategic shift in focus for these brands. As consumers await further clarity, the repercussions of this decision are poised to reverberate across the industry. Also Check: [Exclusive] Apple iPhone SE 4 CAD Renders Hint at Fresh Design, Resembling iPhone 14

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is OnePlus completely exiting the Indian market?

  • While there are indications of OnePlus exiting the smart TV category, its broader presence in the Indian market remains intact.

2. What about existing OnePlus TV owners?

  • Existing OnePlus TV owners can expect continued support and service for their devices, despite the potential discontinuation of new models.

3. Are there any alternatives for consumers interested in smart TVs?

  • Yes, several other brands offer a wide range of smart TVs in the Indian market, providing consumers with ample choices.

4. Will this affect OnePlus’ smartphone business in India?

  • The impact of this decision on OnePlus’ smartphone business remains to be seen and largely depends on the brand’s strategic realignment.

5. What does this mean for the future of smart TVs in India?

  • The exit of OnePlus and Realme could lead to a reshuffling of the smart TV market, potentially opening up opportunities for other brands to innovate and capture market share.
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