Apple Will Soon Roll Out iOS 17.0.3 Update to Fix iPhone 15 Pro Series Overheating

Apple Will Soon Roll Out iOS 17.0.3 Update

Apple Acknowledges Software Bug in iOS 17 Causing iPhone 15 Pro Overheating


In recent news, Apple has officially recognized a software bug in iOS 17 that is causing iPhone 15 Pro models to overheat. This issue has been a source of frustration for many iPhone 15 Pro users since the device’s launch day. In this article, we will delve into the details of this problem, the steps Apple is taking to address it, and what users can expect in the near future.

The Overheating Problem

From the moment iPhone 15 Pro hit the market, users started reporting overheating problems. Even during light usage, such as web browsing or casual app usage, these high-end smartphones would become uncomfortably hot to the touch. Speculation initially pointed fingers at the powerful 3nm Bionic A17 Pro processor and the dual titanium + aluminum frame as potential culprits.

However, Apple quickly stepped in to clarify that the issue was not hardware-related. The Cupertino-based tech giant assured users that the overheating problem stemmed from a software glitch rather than any flaws in the device’s design or components.

The Role of iOS 17

According to Apple, the higher temperatures experienced by new iPhone 15 Pro users are a result of heightened optimizations and background processes that occur during the initial days of use. Additionally, some popular apps, such as Instagram and Uber, were not optimized for iOS, leading to excessive processor usage. Both of these apps have since received updates to address the issue.

Apple has also taken responsibility for not only working with affected app developers to release fixes but also acknowledging a bug within iOS 17 itself that contributes to overheating problems on some devices. The company has assured its users that a future software update is in the works to resolve the iPhone 15 Pro overheating issue.

The Solution: iOS 17.0.3 Update

To address the overheating problem, Apple is diligently working on the iOS 17.0.3 update, which is currently in the testing phase. The good news is that this update is not expected to negatively impact the performance of the A17 Pro processor. In other words, users can expect their devices to remain as powerful and efficient as they were intended to be.

The even better news is that Apple plans to roll out this crucial update to all iPhone 15 Pro users very soon. According to reports, it could be available as early as next week. This update will not only address the overheating issue but also enhance the overall user experience.

What’s Next?

Beyond iOS 17.0.3, Apple has its sights set on the iOS 17.1 update, expected to arrive in late October. This update promises to bring further improvements and optimizations to the iPhone 15 Pro series. Apple remains committed to ensuring that its users have the best possible experience with their devices.


In conclusion, Apple has taken a proactive approach to address the overheating issue affecting iPhone 15 Pro models. By acknowledging the problem, working with app developers, and preparing software updates, the company is demonstrating its commitment to delivering a seamless user experience. With the upcoming iOS 17.0.3 and 17.1 updates, iPhone 15 Pro users can look forward to enjoying their devices without the worry of overheating.


1. Is my iPhone 15 Pro at risk of damage due to overheating?

No, Apple has confirmed that the overheating issue is software-related and will not cause damage to your device. However, it can be uncomfortable to use.

2. When can I expect the iOS 17.0.3 update?

The iOS 17.0.3 update is currently in testing and is expected to roll out to iPhone 15 Pro users within the next week.

3. Are other iPhone models affected by this issue?

No, the overheating problem has been primarily reported on iPhone 15 Pro models.

4. What can I do to prevent my iPhone from overheating in the meantime?

You can reduce the risk of overheating by avoiding intensive tasks and keeping your device updated with the latest app versions.

5. Should I be concerned about the long-term effects of overheating on my iPhone?

Apple has assured users that the overheating issue will not have any long-term effects on the device. Once the software updates are implemented, the problem should be resolved.

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