iPhone 15 Pro Max Owners Report Issues with Earpiece Rattling Sound

iPhone 15 Pro Max Users Complain

Multiple Users Report Distorted Sound on iPhone 15 Pro Max

In the world of smartphones, Apple has always been at the forefront of innovation and design. Their latest release, the iPhone 15 Series, has generated a lot of buzz and excitement among Apple enthusiasts. With the introduction of USB-C and a stunning new display design, it seemed like Apple had once again hit the mark. However, not everything is rosy in the world of iPhone 15, as multiple users on Reddit and Twitter have reported a disturbing issue – distorted sound from the earpiece of their brand-new iPhone 15 Pro Max.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Users Alarmed by Distorted Sound

The iPhone 15 Pro Max users are experiencing an unexpected and unwelcome surprise: distorted sound output from the earpiece of their phones. This issue has quickly gained traction, with numerous users taking to social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter to share their concerns. It’s worth noting that Apple has not officially commented on this situation as of yet.

The Emergence of a New Problem

While the iPhone 15 Series has been praised for its many improvements, it’s not without its share of criticisms. Some users have reported issues with the glass back being brittle and the iPhone 15 Pro models overheating. Now, a new problem has emerged, causing frustration for iPhone 15 owners.

The Rattling Sound Dilemma

Multiple iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro owners have taken to online forums to express their dissatisfaction with a rattling sound emanating from the earpiece of their new devices. This issue becomes apparent when users increase the volume of their iPhones beyond 80%, resulting in a distorted and unpleasant audio experience.

Reddit user WoodenAlternative212 was one of the first to bring this issue to light, reporting the sound distortion problem with their iPhone 15 Pro Max. According to the user, the problem has been persistent since day one of using the device, and the audio quality resembles speakers damaged by water.

Soon, another Reddit user chimed in, sharing a similar experience with their iPhone 15 Pro Max. They mentioned that the problem only occurred with specific media at full volume and that their new iPhone’s audio experience was inconsistent.

PlayfulLow7367 reported the same sound problem on their iPhone 15 Plus. They visited an Apple Service Center, where technicians confirmed the distorted sound effect on some occasions. However, Apple declined to provide a replacement unit, citing no physical damage to the phone.

As of now, the original Reddit post has garnered over 70 comments, with many users recounting similar experiences of rattling and distorted sounds from their new iPhones. This problem appears to affect nearly every model in the iPhone 15 Series.

Twitter Users Join the Chorus

The issue has also spilled over onto Twitter, with users like MilesAboveTech sharing videos demonstrating the rattling sound on the iPhone 15 Pro Max when the volume exceeds 80%. This user claimed to experience the same problem on their replacement unit and noted that all display units of the iPhone 15 Series at BestBuy had the same issue.

Despite the increasing number of user complaints regarding this issue, Apple has yet to acknowledge the rattling sound problem on the new iPhones.

An Array of Complaints for iPhone 15 Series

The iPhone 15 Series, despite its initial positive reception, has had its fair share of complaints. On the launch day, users reported quality-control issues on the iPhone 15 Pro models, including scuff marks on the titanium frame.

A few days later, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max users began voicing concerns about overheating problems. Users claimed that their new iPhones would become uncomfortably warm to the touch even with regular usage. Apple officially recognized the heating issue, attributing it to a bug in iOS 17, and has promised a software update to rectify the problem.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max also faced criticism for having a seemingly fragile glass back panel. Some users speculated that the titanium frame applied extra pressure on the glass back, causing it to crack even under minimal stress. However, there have been contrasting reports where the phone did not shatter even after falling from a height of 10 feet.

The iPhone 15 Series has only been on the market for two weeks, and initial impressions have been mixed. While users laud the new iPhones for their USB-C compatibility and redesigned aesthetics, others are frustrated by these recurring issues. Apple, known for its commitment to customer service, is expected to address these concerns promptly to maintain its reputation for excellence.


In the world of technology, even the most celebrated innovations can sometimes come with unforeseen issues. As iPhone 15 Series users continue to grapple with the rattling sound problem, they eagerly await a response from Apple. The tech giant’s reputation for swift problem-solving and customer satisfaction will undoubtedly be put to the test as they work to resolve this latest challenge.


1. Is the distorted sound issue present on all iPhone 15 models?

No, the issue appears to affect various models in the iPhone 15 Series.

2. Has Apple acknowledged the rattling sound problem?

As of now, Apple has not officially commented on this issue.

3. What causes the rattling sound on the iPhone 15 Pro Max?

The exact cause of the sound issue is still unclear, but it seems to occur when the volume is set above 80%.

4. Are there any solutions for the distorted sound problem?

Currently, there are no official solutions, and users are awaiting a response from Apple.

5. Are other issues reported with the iPhone 15 Series?

Yes, users have reported overheating and issues with the glass back panel on certain models of the iPhone 15 Series. Apple has addressed the overheating problem with a promised software update.

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