Google Chrome to Discontinue Support for Android Nougat

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Google Chrome 120 to Discontinue Support for Android Nougat

Google Chrome, the world’s leading web browser, is set to roll out its latest version, Chrome 120, on December 6th, 2023. While this news is exciting for many users, there’s a catch for those still holding on to Android Nougat. In this article, we will delve into the highlights of this announcement and explore the implications for users and the web browsing experience.

The Reign of Google Chrome

Chrome is undoubtedly the king of web browsers, dominating the market with billions of active users across desktop and mobile devices. The frequency of Chrome’s updates, every four weeks, keeps the browser fresh and competitive. However, with great progress comes necessary change, and sometimes, this means discontinuing support for older operating systems to ensure the browser’s stability and security.

End of the Road for Android Nougat

Google recently made a significant announcement: Chrome 120 will mark the end of support for Android Nougat. As of now, Chrome 119 is the final version that will cater to users running Android 7.0 and 7.1. This decision will affect a notable percentage of Android users, and here’s what you need to know.

Android Nougat’s Farewell

Google’s Chrome Enterprise and Education Help release notes blog stated unequivocally, “The last version of Chrome that supports Android Nougat is Chrome 119.” This means that users who remain on Android 7.0 and 7.1 will not receive any further updates, including critical security patches.

A Crucial Reminder

With Chrome 120 on the horizon, Google will send notifications to Android Nougat users, strongly recommending an upgrade to newer Android versions. This is an essential move, considering that Android Nougat, which was launched back in 2016, still powers nearly 2.6 percent of all Android devices. In contrast, the recent Android 13 version holds a substantial market share of 22.4 percent.

Embracing the Future with Chrome 120

While Android Nougat users may feel left behind, the arrival of Chrome 120 brings exciting new features and enhancements for those on more recent operating systems. Let’s take a closer look at what to expect.

A Clearer Browsing Experience

For Android users on newer versions, Chrome 120 will introduce support for a transparent navigation bar, ensuring an improved browsing experience. This change promises enhanced aesthetics and functionality, making navigation more user-friendly.

Choosing Your Search Engine

One of the notable features in the upcoming Chrome updates is the option for users to select their default search engine. This feature will be gradually rolled out to all users and is expected to be widely available with the release of Chrome 122. This empowers users to personalize their browsing experience.

Enhanced Safety on Desktop

Google is taking user safety to a new level with a revamped safety check on the desktop version of Chrome. This proactive inspection aims to identify and resolve safety-related issues promptly, offering enhanced protection to users.

Privacy-conscious users will be pleased to hear that Chrome 120 is taking a significant step towards enhanced security by disabling third-party cookies globally. This rollout will happen gradually, ensuring a smooth transition for both users and websites.

Tracking Packages on iOS

Chrome on iOS devices is set to introduce a new feature that allows users to track packages with ease. Users can expect to see their package’s estimated delivery dates and status in a new card on the New tab page. This convenience enhances the overall mobile browsing experience.

Improved Network Security on Windows

For Windows users, Chrome will sandbox network services, running them in their processes. This change serves to protect users from potential network-related threats and provides an additional layer of security for Windows device owners.

Seamless Cross-Device Browsing

With the “Resume the last tab from other devices” feature, Chrome simplifies cross-device browsing for users. When signed in, users will receive a banner notification on their current device, allowing them to effortlessly continue browsing from their last active tab on any of their devices.


As Google Chrome continues to evolve and provide users with a more robust and secure browsing experience, changes like discontinuing support for older operating systems are inevitable. While Android Nougat users may face some inconvenience, these changes come with significant benefits for those on more recent operating systems. With the upcoming Chrome 120 release, users can look forward to a slew of exciting features and improvements that promise to enhance their browsing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Android Nougat?

Android Nougat, also known as Android 7.0 and 7.1, is an older version of the Android operating system released in 2016.

Why is Google ending support for Android Nougat?

Google is discontinuing support for Android Nougat to ensure the stability and security of its Chrome browser on more recent operating systems.

When will Chrome 120 be released?

Chrome 120 is scheduled for release on December 6th, 2023.

How can I choose my default search engine in Chrome?

With the upcoming Chrome 122 release, users will have the option to choose their default search engine.

What are the advantages of disabling third-party cookies in Chrome 120?

Disabling third-party cookies in Chrome 120 enhances user privacy and security by preventing websites from tracking users’ online activities.

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