Inside Look: Motorola Edge 50 Pro Teardown Video Uncovers Internal Design, Components, and Repairability!

Motorola Edge 50 Pr


  • Disassembling the Motorola Edge 50 Pro reveals its internal components and protective measures against heat and water ingress.
  • It’s noted that removing the screen and battery without causing damage is challenging.
  • Replacement parts for the phone are reportedly readily accessible.

The Motorola Edge 50 Pro is now out worldwide, including in India, starting at Rs 31,999. Reviews and comparisons are circulating, but if you want a deep dive, a teardown video is available. It reveals the phone’s internal design, components, and even its repairability. Whether you’re curious about what’s inside or considering a purchase, this teardown provides valuable insights.

Motorola Edge 50 Pro teardown video breakdown:

In this video, YouTuber PBKreviews disassembles the Moonlight Pearl variant of the Edge 50 Pro. First, he removes the SIM tray, noting its rubber gasket for protection. Using a hairdryer, he loosens the adhesive to remove the plastic back cover. He highlights 17 Phillips screws securing components under the back plate and quickly unscrews them. Next, he disconnects cables, including the battery’s connection. He also removes the graphite film covering components for heat dissipation, such as the motherboard. This teardown provides a detailed look at the phone’s internal structure and assembly.

The teardown video also showcases components like laser autofocus, ambient light sensor, NFC antenna, wireless charging coil, rear camera setup, USB-C port, microphone, speaker, vibration motor, fingerprint scanner, liquid damage indicators, and display flex cable. Speakers and mics are sealed with rubber gaskets for water resistance. The mic’s filter is vulnerable if the SIM ejector PIN is inserted mistakenly, but it should still function. Thermal management includes a larger copper vapor chamber, copper tape, and thermal paste around the processor. Notably, there are no pull tabs or pouches to ease battery removal, as highlighted by the YouTuber.  Also Read – Nothing Phone (1) Enhances User Experience with ChatGPT Integration and New Features in Nothing OS 2.5.5 Update!

Motorola Edge 50 Pro repairability score:

PBKreviews rates the Motorola phone’s repairability at 5.5/10. He notes that replacing the screen and battery will pose challenges. However, swapping out other parts and finding replacements is relatively straightforward.

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