Netizens Upset as JioCinema Introduces Banner Ads in Newly Ad-Free Monthly Subscription Plans!

JioCinema showing banner ads in new ad


  • Numerous JioCinema users report encountering banner ads despite subscribing to the new ad-free plans.
  • The ads are predominantly visible on the app’s homepage, occasionally surfacing in other sections.
  • JioCinema’s recently launched ad-free plans are priced at Rs 29 and Rs 89 per month.

JioCinema launched new Premium plans for ad-free shows, starting at just Rs 29 a month. But here’s the catch: despite paying for the subscription, some users still see banner ads popping up. This has left many feeling disappointed and unhappy. They expected a completely ad-free experience after paying.

JioCinema introduced a premium plan promising no ads in movies, shows, and series. But there’s a twist: live TV and sports still have ads. Users were surprised to find out that only video ads are removed, not all ads. JioCinema didn’t make this clear from the start, causing confusion among subscribers.

Even with the new subscription plans, JioCinema users will still see banner ads in the app. These ads mainly pop up on the homepage and sometimes in other sections. So, even if you’ve subscribed to the new plans, you might still come across these banners while using the app.

Gaurav Rathod, sharing on Via X (formerly Twitter), pointed out that even after subscribing to JioCinema’s new ad-free plan, he still encountered banner ads in the app. He felt misled because the platform didn’t clarify this during the subscription process. This highlights a gap between what users expect from the ad-free plan and what they actually experience. Also Read – Nothing Phone (1) Enhances User Experience with ChatGPT Integration and New Features in Nothing OS 2.5.5 Update!

JioCinema Premium Rs 29, Rs 89 ad-free plans :

The Rs 29 and Rs 89 monthly plans from JioCinema both promise ad-free videos in 4K quality, including series, kids’ shows, and movies. Plus, you can watch offline. The main difference? The Rs 29 plan lets you stream on just one device, while the Rs 89 plan allows streaming on up to four devices. So, if you want to share with family or friends, the Rs 89 plan might be the better choice.

JioCinema announced during the launch of its new plans that it will still provide free sports content, such as the Indian Premier League (IPL), and other entertainment shows. However, these will come with ads. So, even if you’re not subscribed to the premium plans, you can still enjoy sports and entertainment on the platform, but you’ll have to put up with advertisements.

The new JioCinema plans cover a bunch of popular shows like Oppenheimer, Game Of Thrones, House Of The Dragon, Barbie, Murder In Mahim, and Ranneeti: Balakot & Beyond. Plus, there are fun kids’ shows like Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, and Motu Patlu included too. So, whether you’re into thrilling dramas or entertaining cartoons, there’s something for everyone in these plans.

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