Varalakshmi Tiffins Owner Drugs Case: 3 held with Rs 14 lakh worth of drugs

Varalakshmi Tiffins Owner Drugs Case

Varalakshmi Tiffins Owner Arrested in Drug Case: 3 Detained with Rs 14 Lakh Worth of Narcotics

In recent developments, the owner of Varalakshmi Tiffins in Hyderabad and two others have been apprehended in a narcotics-related case. For comprehensive details on this matter, please peruse the following article. Stay with us for all the latest insights and updates.

Varalakshmi Tiffins Owner’s Involvement in Drug Case

Recently, the Hyderabad police took into custody three individuals, including the proprietor of the well-known eatery, Varalakshmi Tiffins, situated near DLF in Gachibowli. They have been accused of both consuming and trafficking illicit drugs like cocaine. Law enforcement agencies are actively working to identify additional customers who may have purchased illegal drugs from the accused, using evidence from phone conversations and WhatsApp groups.

It was disclosed that Prabhakar Reddy, the owner of Varalakshmi Tiffins, along with his associate Venkata Shiva Sai Kumar, the proprietor of Palleturu Pullatlu, and another individual who served as both a consumer and a peddler, were apprehended. The police have seized illegal drugs with an estimated value of Rs 14 lakhs, along with a sum of Rs 97,500 in cash, three automobiles, and five mobile phones.

According to authorities, the prime suspect, Anuradha, had been involved in drug-related activities for several years in Goa. In her pursuit of financial gain, she started transporting drugs from Goa to Hyderabad using public transportation. During this period, she came into contact with Prabhakar and Venkata, who, despite being prominent figures in the local food industry, were also consumers of illicit substances. The authorities have revealed that the accused had arranged to meet in the jurisdiction of Mokila Police Station to distribute the contraband, but they were apprehended during the transaction.

Reportedly, the police are conducting an extensive investigation to identify other individuals who may have procured illegal drugs from Anuradha, relying on her mobile phone conversations and WhatsApp groups. Furthermore, authorities are working to ascertain the identity of Anuradha’s source in Goa.

The police report suggests that Anuradha had been procuring narcotics from Goa and distributing them to her acquaintances in Hyderabad. Additionally, it is alleged that Prabhakar began using drugs after coming into contact with Anuradha, and the two of them collaborated to purchase narcotics at lower prices in Goa and subsequently sold them in Hyderabad at marked-up rates.

In response to these events, the police have registered a case under Sections 21, 22, and 29 of the law. Additionally, law enforcement officials have asserted that Sai Kumar, who met Prabhakar at Varalakshmi Tiffins and sought assistance to establish a hotel named Palleturu Pullatlu, began using drugs in the company of Prabhakar.

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