Nothing Chats’ iMessage for Android App Removed from Google Play Store 3 Days After Launch

Nothing’s iMessage on Android app

The Rise and Fall of Nothing Chats: A Closer Look at the Troubled App

In recent tech news, Nothing Chats made quite a splash by launching in beta last week. This new app aimed to bridge the gap between Android and iMessage users, offering a promising solution to a long-standing problem. However, the excitement was short-lived, as the app was swiftly removed from the Google Play Store, citing ‘several bugs’ as the reason. But as the dust settles, it becomes evident that these issues run deeper, involving privacy concerns that have raised eyebrows among users and experts alike.

The Prelude to Nothing Chats

Nothing Chats emerged on the scene with ambitious goals. It promised to provide Android users with a platform to seamlessly communicate with iMessage users, addressing the ‘blue bubble vs. green bubble debate’ that has persisted in the tech world. The man behind the curtain, Carl Pei, justified the app’s existence despite Apple’s plans to introduce RCS to iPhones. However, this lofty ambition may have been the first step towards its downfall.

A Rocky Start: Removal from the Play Store

The trouble began when Nothing Chats was abruptly removed from the Google Play Store. While Nothing’s official statement cited “several bugs” as the primary reason, the situation quickly escalated. An intriguing detail emerged in their announcement – a “reader’s context” that hinted at more significant issues lurking beneath the surface.

Privacy and Security Concerns

Contrary to Nothing’s claim of fixing mere ‘bugs,’ some experts have raised serious concerns about the app’s security and privacy. What was initially advertised as an end-to-end encrypted messaging platform was exposed as a potential security risk. User data, including images and messages, were found to be vulnerable, as they were not encrypted as advertised.

The reader’s context note accompanying Nothing’s announcement drew attention to articles from credible sources, further reinforcing the gravity of the situation. A report by The Verge shed light on the platform, Sunbird, that Nothing Chats was built upon. It revealed that Sunbird had access to all messages sent by users, effectively debunking the app’s claim of end-to-end encryption.

The Future of Nothing Chats

As of now, Nothing has not confirmed when the app will return to the Play Store. The app remains in beta, with no stable version released yet. Additionally, Nothing Chats is exclusively available to Phone (2) users in the US, Canada, UK, and EU, with plans to expand its reach to more countries. However, the app’s privacy issues must be addressed before it can move forward with its release plans.

In conclusion, the rise and fall of Nothing Chats serve as a cautionary tale in the world of tech startups. Ambitious ideas must be matched with robust security and privacy measures, as users increasingly prioritize the protection of their personal data. As the app faces scrutiny and potential reevaluation, the tech world eagerly awaits its next move.


  1. What was the initial purpose of Nothing Chats?
    • Nothing Chats aimed to facilitate communication between Android and iMessage users, addressing the compatibility issues between the two platforms.
  2. Why was Nothing Chats removed from the Google Play Store?
    • The official reason cited was “several bugs,” but it was later revealed that privacy and security concerns were major factors.
  3. Is Nothing Chats planning to return to the Play Store?
    • Nothing has not provided a specific timeline for the app’s return, leaving its future uncertain.
  4. What are the privacy issues associated with Nothing Chats?
    • Nothing Chats was advertised as end-to-end encrypted, but it was found to expose user data in plain text, including images and messages.
  5. Where is Nothing Chats currently available?
    • As of now, Nothing Chats is available exclusively to Phone (2) users in the US, Canada, UK, and EU, with plans for further expansion pending the resolution of privacy issues.
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