OnePlus Watch 4 Specifications and Features Tipped; To be Equipped with Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 SoC

OnePlus Watch 4 Specifications and Features Tipped

Leaked OnePlus Watch 4 specifications and features indicate a Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 SoC.

Before the OnePlus Watch 4 is officially released worldwide, a reputable source has provided a thorough look at its features, specifications, and watch faces.

Major highlights

OnePlus is getting ready to introduce a new smartwatch to the world.

This smartwatch is said to be an OPPO model that has been renamed.

– The characteristics and features of the item have been revealed by a reliable person.

The OnePlus Pad Go tablet has been teased as being headed to the Indian market soon. Before the tablet’s formal release, the company gave Digital Trends an exclusive look at its design. The OnePlus 12 5G, OnePlus 12R 5G, OnePlus Watch 4, and other devices are all under active development by OnePlus.

The original OnePlus Watch and the OnePlus 9 series smartphones were first released by OnePlus in India in March 2021. The operating system that powers this watch is RTOS-based and does not have a separate app store. The OnePlus Nord series of inexpensive smartwatches was subsequently developed by the firm. A tipster just revealed the model number and essential details about the impending OnePlus Watch.

Expected OnePlus Watch 4 specifications

The leak comes from a trustworthy source on Twitter who used to go by the handle “realMlgmXyysd,” a coder. This user claims that in some international countries, the upcoming OPPO Watch 4 will be sold as the OnePlus Watch 4. The OPPO Watch 4’s Chinese version may be recognized by its model number, OWW231.

They will have the model numbers OWWE231 for the worldwide variation and OPWWE231 for the OnePlus-branded edition, respectively. The codename “star” and project ID of this upcoming smartwatch are both used to identify it. According to the insider, both OPPO and OnePlus will give the smartwatch a round display.

This decision was made due to Google’s inability to make Wear OS-compatible square-shaped smartwatches. The informant also confirms that the next OnePlus/OPPO watch will have an AMOLED screen with a 466 x 466 pixel resolution. The Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 Wearable Platform SoC will power the next OnePlus Watch 4 Pro.

Four Cortex A53 cores, one Cortex M55 efficiency core running at 2.5GHz, and an A702 GPU operating at 1GHz are all included in this 4nm-processed chipset. The smartwatch will also have a BES 2700 co-processor that is specifically designed to handle low-power operations. The tipster claims that OnePlus intends to make the smartwatch available in Black and White.

The wristwatch will come pre-installed with ColorOS for Watch 6.0 for the Chinese model, which is based on Android 11. The most recent Wear OS version will already be installed on the global variant. It’s important to note that the smartwatch will support Widevine L3, which means that HD playback functionality won’t be available.

The tipster has also verified that the smartphone has two working buttons and a crown. Expect features like ColorOS 14 Sound, RTOS WeChat & WeChat Pay, RTOS CJK Fonts, and more for the Chinese version. Both smartwatch models will accept eSIM, have a barometer, an ECG monitor, a vibrant Always-On Display (AOD), and Fist Clenching Gestures.

Various health and fitness tracking capabilities, including as blood oxygen monitoring, stress tracking, sleep analysis, sports performance monitoring, and more, are predicted to be included in the future wristwatch. In addition, the tipster disclosed that OPPO is also developing the OPPO Watch 4 Pro, which will run Wear OS and cater to global markets. A recent report also suggested that Vivo was working on the Vivo Watch 3, which will be unveiled in conjunction with its X100 range of smartphones.

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