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Oppo Find X7 Series

Oppo Find X7 Series to Support Satellite Communication: What You Need to Know

In a world that’s constantly evolving, smartphone manufacturers are continually striving to bring innovative features to their devices. One such feature that’s been making waves recently is satellite communication. Apple introduced it with the iPhone 14 Pro series, and now, Oppo is set to follow suit with the Find X7 series. This exciting development has been confirmed by an official teaser posted by Oppo on the Chinese social networking site Weibo. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of this new feature and what it means for the Find X7 series.

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The Era of Satellite Communication

The inclusion of satellite communication in smartphones marks a significant advancement in the world of mobile technology. It’s not just Apple and Oppo that are adopting this technology; other major players like Huawei, Samsung, and Vivo are also jumping on the bandwagon. Huawei’s Mate 60 already boasts this technology, and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 series is expected to feature it as well. The Vivo X100 series is also set to join the satellite communication revolution.

Collaboration with China Telecom

Oppo, along with other prominent smartphone manufacturers like Huawei, Honor, and Vivo, is in discussions with China Telecom to promote mobile-to-satellite technology. What’s noteworthy is that this initiative is not limited to China alone. The global implications of such a collaboration could be game-changing.

BeiDou Satellite Messaging Services

Speculations are rife that Oppo will utilize the BeiDou satellite messaging services, which were previously seen on the Mate 60. While this is an exciting prospect, it raises questions about whether this feature will be exclusive to China or if it will have a global presence. For now, we can only wait for official confirmation on this matter.

Enhanced Connectivity

Having satellite connectivity on your smartphone ensures that you can communicate with emergency services even in remote areas where traditional network signals may be weak or non-existent. The extent of this communication, whether it will be limited to messaging or include calls and data access, depends on the smartphone manufacturer’s implementation. In the case of Oppo’s Find X7, it appears that satellite service will primarily focus on messaging. However, until more details emerge, we can only speculate.

A Hasselblad Upgrade

In addition to satellite communication, Oppo is also making strides in enhancing its camera systems. The Find X7 series is poised to be the first lineup to receive this upgrade, thanks to a collaboration with Hasselblad. The renowned camera manufacturer’s HyperTone Image Engine promises to tackle common mobile photography challenges such as distortion. Oppo claims that this system can improve image clarity by up to 30% and reduce noise by a significant 60%. Furthermore, artificial intelligence will play a pivotal role in the photography experience.

The Power of Zoom

The Find X7 series also boasts an impressive telephoto module, which is marketed as the most powerful zoom lens available. This feature promises to elevate your photography game to a whole new level, allowing you to capture distant subjects with stunning clarity.

In conclusion, Oppo’s Find X7 series is gearing up to be a game-changer in the world of smartphones. With the introduction of satellite communication and a groundbreaking camera system, it’s set to offer users an enhanced and unique experience. While some details are still shrouded in mystery, the future looks promising for Oppo enthusiasts.


1. Will the satellite communication feature be available globally?

We’ll have to wait for official announcements to confirm its global availability.

2. Can I make calls and access data using satellite communication on the Find X7 series?

The details are not clear yet, but it appears that messaging will be the primary focus of this feature.

3. How does the Hasselblad camera system improve mobile photography?

Hasselblad’s HyperTone Image Engine reduces distortion, enhances image clarity, and reduces noise, all while incorporating AI for better photography.

4. When will the Find X7 series be available?

Release dates may vary by region, so check with your local Oppo dealer for specific information.

5. How does satellite communication benefit smartphone users?

Satellite communication ensures that users can stay connected even in areas with weak or no traditional network signals, allowing them to reach emergency services if needed.

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