Report: Sony PS5 Pro Set to Offer Enhanced Ray Tracing and Upgraded GPU!

Sony PS5 Pro


  • The PS5 Pro is reportedly under development and is expected to feature enhanced ‘Ray Tracing’ support.
  • Codenamed ‘Trinity’, the upcoming gaming console is generating buzz among enthusiasts.
  • Sony is allegedly urging game developers to update their current titles for compatibility with the PS5 Pro.

Sony introduced the PlayStation 5 in November 2020 and recently unveiled the PS5 Slim, after almost three years. Now, rumors are buzzing about the PlayStation 5 Pro, set to be the most powerful addition to the lineup. Leaks hint at enhanced ‘Ray Tracing’ capabilities. A fresh report sheds light on the PS5 Pro’s development progress. Stay tuned for more updates.

The Trinity codename:

The Sony PlayStation 5 Pro, known internally as ‘Trinity’, has been revealed in a report by The Verge. Sources familiar with Sony’s plans indicate that the company is urging developers to ensure their games work smoothly on the PS5 Pro. Described as a high-end version of the PlayStation 5, documents outline the features of the PS5 Pro. Interestingly, Sony may continue selling the standard PS5 alongside the Pro even after its launch. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development!

PS5 Pro hardware:

The PlayStation 5 Pro is set to come with significant upgrades, including a more powerful GPU and a slightly faster CPU. Sony anticipates the GPU rendering to be around 45 percent faster than the standard PS5. The Pro model will also feature a faster ray tracing architecture, three times quicker than the regular PS5. While the CPU remains similar to the standard model, a new mode offers a higher clock speed of 3.85GHz, giving a 10 percent boost. Developers can choose between standard (3.5GHz) or high-frequency (3.85GHz) modes. The PS5 Pro’s memory will be faster, offering a 28 percent increase to 576GB/s, with an extra 1.2GB available for games. Also Read – Moto G64 5G: Unveiling MediaTek Dimensity 7025 SoC, 6000mAh Battery in India!

PS5 Pro for Developers:

Sony is supporting developers to bring ‘Ray Tracing’ and other features to games on the PS5 Pro. Games with significant improvements can be labeled “Trinity Enhanced.” Sony wants developers to create one package for both PS5 and PS5 Pro. They can get PS5 Pro test kits for testing. Games submitted for certification in August must work with the new PS5 version.

PS5 Pro launch timeline:

Sony hasn’t officially confirmed a timeline, but leaks and reports hint the PS5 Pro could launch later this year. We might expect existing games with the mentioned enhancements to be available when the PS5 Pro debuts.

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