3 Mistakes to Avoid if You Have a Small YouTube Channel

3 Mistakes to Avoid if You Have a Small YouTube Channel

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid on Your Tiny YouTube Channel

Do you require assistance in expanding your modest YouTube channel? Here are some excellent tips to help you resume your course while avoiding the most common YouTube errors.

You’ve probably learned as a tiny video producer that success on YouTube is not easy. The battle to attract views when you’re somewhat unknown may be one of the largest problems you’re facing at this point.

But don’t worry! With a little advice and a lot of effort, you can beat the odds. Recognizing the frequent errors that YouTube creators make is the first step. With this knowledge, you may avoid making these expensive mistakes and concentrate on channel expansion.

Dan Carson, senior executive producer at vidIQ, is fortunately qualified to support the expansion of new YouTube channels. He identifies the main errors that inhibit creators and provides fixes in the video below.

Continue reading for a brief summary of these thoughts and to learn about the obstacles preventing you from moving forward.

The notion that you owe YouTube viewers and subscribers

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if every channel on YouTube enjoyed the same level of success? Even if your videos fall flat with your audience, you may still sit back and watch the views and subscriptions roll in in this situation. Simply pressing the “publish” button and waiting for the magic to happen is all that is required.

Many producers yearn for this idealistic image of YouTube, but the reality is very different. This leads to the first crucial error: thinking that success of any kind on YouTube is your due. While the time required for research, scriptwriting, video production, and editing is undeniably high, Dan underlines that this is the price to pay for being a great YouTuber. Your development and ability to produce higher-quality material are both facilitated by these experiences.

The first step is to provide value, both to your viewers and to YouTube as a platform, according to Dan. “Before you can upload your footage to YouTube and expect a surge of views and subscribers, you must first deliver value,” he says.

2. Undervaluing the Importance of First Impression

For YouTube videos, the proverb “first impressions are everything” is true. After all, viewers surf through multiple titles and thumbnails for engaging material before clicking on the first video they see. There is a lot of rivalry!

Consider these two thumbnails as an illustration. Which one appeals to you more and is quicker to understand? Imagine that each YouTube user goes through this screening process. How could you make your thumbnails more attention-grabbing?

Dan says, “Try to keep them simple.” Use concise, understandable, and legible text. Make use of vivid colors. Make sure that everything stands out by making the foreground brighter than the backdrop. The thumbnail ought to be appropriate for the content and appealing to the intended audience.

Therefore, Dan advises tripling the amount of time you spend on titles and thumbnails. Even if your channel is currently modest, you can encourage its expansion by painstakingly “decorating” your videos.

3. Ignoring Your Video’s Critical First 30 Seconds

Many viewers stop viewing a video after the first 30 seconds and start looking for another. On YouTube, this behavior is frequent and well-reported.

When you look at the retention graph for most YouTube videos, you’ll see that viewing starts to drop off quickly after the first 30 seconds and keeps going down from there.

Even though it’s impossible to completely avoid this, you can lessen it by getting right into the subject. Consider this: readers have already been persuaded of the importance of your content by your attention-grabbing title and thumbnail. Now it’s up to you to keep that promise.

Dan advises, “Jump right into the subject matter.” “Use a strong hook to pique their interest, and perhaps ask a thought-provoking question to encourage participation in the comments.”

Any calls for introductions or subscriptions should, however, wait until later in the video rather than at the beginning. With this strategy, viewers are guaranteed to see the content that was promised in the title and thumbnail up front, lengthening viewing duration. As a result, the YouTube algorithm receives favorable signals, which could result in more recommendations to a wider audience and ultimately more YouTube views.

How to Fix These Typical Small YouTuber Mistakes

If you’ve noticed these errors in your channel, keep in mind that it’s never too late to fix them and choose a different path.

Here are five actions you may take right away:

1. Change your attention from gaining subscribers and views to building a community. Decide who your target market is, then appeal to their particular interests.

2. Focus your attention, effort, and resources on creating catchy titles and thumbnails rather than giving video tags and descriptions top priority.

3. Create titles and thumbnails that go well together, using original language to provide context for the video rather than just repeating the material.

4. Cut down your intros so they only cover the primary idea of your video and a brief hook.

5. Steer clear of ornate beginning graphics that have no connection to the video’s subject matter.

You’ll be prepared to investigate the following step once you’ve corrected these fundamental mistakes on your channel: using emotional triggers to increase views!

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